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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in the Workplace
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Assessment is a process whereby we listen carefully to what you require. We explain how our service may be able to help meet your business needs. You may need time to consider what we have to offer or perhaps request an informal visit (free of charge) so we can meet in person. We pride ourselves on developing trusting relationships with our clients with an easy, relaxed approach. 

During the assessment stage it is our aim to guide you to a training package that is appropriate to your business needs. 

All training sessions raise staff and management awareness of factors that may contribute to, maintain and exacerbate stress. 

We provide detailed and comprehensive information regarding the structure & nature of all our sessions, including the extensive range of techniques & strategies available to deliver training.

Oplyst recommend incorprorating the HSE Management Standards into every organisation. To do this involves preparing the organisation, assessing all risks, exploring problem areas, developing solutions, recording findings and monitoring & evaluating on a regular basis. 

We have provided a link to the HSE Management Standards (opposite). We can help with the implementation process if required.   

See training packages section opposite.

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